ASP - Local Government Service Centre

IT solutions for small and medium-sized municipalities to support efficient internal operations. 

What is an ASP centre? 

Building on the market e-government solutions and experience, to establish an ASP centre in the Central Hungary region, which will enable small and medium-sized municipalities in particular to support internal operations and provide certain e-government services with the efficient use of resources, using standardised and modern SOA-based IT solutions. 

Applications available through the ASP Service Centre framework:

· Local tax system

· Management system

· Real estate property register system

· Data management system

· Industrial and commercial system

· Portal systems 

Benefits of the ASP service centre for municipalities:

· Introduction of modern IT systems in local governments

· Free service

· Central operations, maintenance, version control, regulatory compliance

· Unified municipal e-government services tailored to the needs of citizens and businesses

· Interconnected specialised systems, interoperability of business processes

· Support for the development and connection of local equipment for KMOP 4.7-1-13 winners 

The role of Geoview Systems Ltd. in the project: 

Geoview Systems Ltd. provided the complete framework system for the implementation of the project identified by the Government in the Action Plan of the Electronic Public Administration Operational Programme 2011-2013, including access, user management, logging and service integration functions.

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